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What’s in it For You


Earn Cash with Every Sale

As an extension of Pye POS, you’ll receive commission on every piece of hardware you sell. The best part? Our product nearly sells itself.


CC Processing Earnings

They pay in credit, you cash in. Generate earnings directly from credit card processing as customers do business with the restaurant.


Commission on Software

Our licensed software powers machines at participating establishments, earning you a commission on their monthly payments.

An Ordering Solution for Every Restaurant

Fully customizable self-ordering solutions for every business, regardless of their unique needs.


Self-Service Kiosks

Standalone kiosks equipped with fully customizable menu, curved screens and the ability to accept cash.


Order at the Table

For seamless ordering without leaving the seat, table-side technology.


Tableside Ordering

Enable patrons to order without leaving their table once they’ve been seated.

Offer Restaurants a Competitive Advantage


Reduced Labor Costs

Save on recruitment and training costs with Pye’s cost-effective in-store ordering solution, providing substantial savings over hiring staff.


Superior Hardware Offering

Restaurant owners can effortlessly accept multiple payment methods, personalize their menu to their liking, implement upsell options and much more.


Return Customers

Customers expect self-service options in today’s world. Pye shortens lines, reduces wait times and is proven to produce more return customers.


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