The New Standard in Self-Service for Restaurants & Convenience Stores.

Fully Customizable Self Service Kiosks. Improved Customer Experience, Reduced Overhead Costs, & Increased Order Value.

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Customers Expect Self-Service Ordering Options in 2023


100% Customizable

Give a facelift to your ordering process. Use fully-customizable self-service technology and the ability to make changes and updates through your desktop computer at any moment.


Accept All Payment Types

Yes, that includes cash. Accept all forms of payment including credit cards, online orders, touchless payments, debit and cash! PYE gives you the flexibility to accept payments on your own terms.


Upselling & Cross Selling

You like upsells? What about reduction in wait times? Self-service kiosks are the answer.


Customer & Activity Insights

Adapting to consumer desires and industry standards, PYE offers a safe new experience for hospitality and entertainment businesses.


Integrate with Existing Point of Sale

Seamless integration which improves order efficiency and the consumer experience. Focus on your product and service. We’ll handle the logistics.


Modern Intuitive Design & Touchscreen

A sleek design, a simple order interface, and the ability to easily connect via wifi or ethernet gives your customers a modern yet familiar experience.

Safe & Secure Cash Management

PYE Self-Service Kiosks accept and dispense cash as well as coins. Our kiosks are customizable to fit the needs of you and your customers while safely accepting all payment types and reducing revenue loss.

Modernize your business operation with a fully customizable solution that integrates with your existing point of sale system.

Inserting Cash

Your Business. More Efficient.


of people would visit more often with self service options.


increase in upsell with self service solutions.


reduction in wait times and lines.


potential reduction in operating costs.

Unique Options for Your Unique Business


QSR Kiosks

Provides customers full control and an effortless experience while ordering.


Pay at The Table

Pay at the table allows customers to order on demand, and pay on the tablet.

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Countertop Ordering

Trim down lines and decrease your wait times with our seamless self-service for countertop.

Impressed Customers Come Standard With All Our Solutions

  • Unique Design
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 24x7 Customer Support
  • Multi-Colors
  • Fully Customizable
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Go Back to Doing What You Love While Staying Competitive


Increase Order Size

Increases your order size by 20% or more, reducing wait times by up to 5 minutes per order and producing consistent up-sell.


Upsell & Cross Sell

Recommend the best additions to your guest’s order selections.


Improve Labor Efficiency

Streamline your operation by securely handling payments and orders, allowing your staff to focus on delivery and customer service.


Faster Order Turnaround

Reduce wait times by allowing consumers to order and pay on demand.


Better Consumer Experience

Give your consumers a fast, safe, and modern experience by reducing wait time, improving order accuracy and providing entertainment throughout their experience.


Revenue Loss Prevention

Reduce order error and loss by accepting orders and payments directly from the consumer.

Implementing PYE kiosk technology benefited our operation and staff in many ways. I highly recommend all businesses reopening during and after the pandemic to use PYE kiosk technology. 


Time to Transform Your Guests Ordering Experience

Improve your business by providing customers with an effortless experience while ordering.

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